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FAQ terkait dengan Fasilitas Pertambangan :

1.When will the service time start?


 The service time of import duty exemption will start after the
Applicant submits the hardcopy. Customs officer will issue document
receipt (TTPB) and give it to the Applicant

2.What is the service time for the issuance of import duty
exemption decision?


 The service time of import duty exemption and/or free of VAT or VAT
and Luxury Tax are based on:

a.     Regulation of Ministry of Finance No. 20/PMK.010/2005 regarding
The Exemption of Import Duty and free Import Related Tax on import
products based on Production Sharing Contracts of Oil and Gas: 5
(five) work days;

b.    Regulation of Ministry of Finance No. 78/PMK.010/2005 regarding
The Exemption of Import Duty of Imported Goods for Geothermal Activity
based on the contract before the Implementation of Law No. 27 of 2003:
14 (fourteen) work days; or

c.     Regulation of Ministry of Finance No. 177/PMK.011/2007
regarding the Exemption of Import Duty of Imported Goods for Upstream
Oil, Gas and Geothermal.

3. Is the hardcopy still needed after uploading the document on
the service user portal?


 Yes, the hardcopy documents need to be submitted after the Applicant
receive electronic notification from The Analyze Officer on service
user portal, such as the application and the attachments.

4. What if the application cannot be submitted electronically due
to technical problems with the SOFast application?


 The Applicants shall inform the trouble to the Director of Customs
facilities and submit the application manually.

5. Will the Applicant get the original copy of the decision letter?


 Yes, the Applicant will get not only the copy through service user
portal (the copy of decision letter without the officer’s signature),
but also the original copy one. The applicant must pick it up at the
administration section of the Directorate of Customs Facilities by
showing the application document receipt. The original copy will not
be sent to the applicant.

6. Any cost for the application?


 No cost shall be incurred for our service.

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